Why hire a guide?

Mi-Kumano Guides

We live in Kumano and love this area, and are happy to introduce you our home town. We are sure that we can make your trip an unforgettable one.

Why choose Mi-Kumano guides?

-Safety and comfort

Of course you won’t get lost with a guide! We will also inform you of all your transportation schedules, and help make sure you spend as much time as possible enjoying the area instead of worrying about missing your bus.


-Learn about Kumano deeply in a short time

There are many stories in Kumano that our local guides can share with you. They can tie those stories to Japanese culture and our unique landscape to teach you things you can’t find in a guidebook. Communication with local people through your guide is a touching experience.


– Reasonable price

In most cases, your guide can go back to their home after guiding, so you can save on their accomodation expense.

Kumano is large. It includes the Nakahechi, Hongu, Shingu, and Nachi areas. So if you hire a through guide, you need to pay for your guide’s accommodations during the trip. But we can arrange for guides who live in each area.


– We are local

Traveling with different guides day by day, you can discover many perspectives on this area. Since they live close to the area they are guiding, they are experts!