Guide fee

Locally licensed guides

These guides have earned an official, local license issued by the prefecture of Wakayama to guide in English.
They are able to communicate with native English speakers and non-native English speakers from all over the world.

Guide Fees in Each Course

1.Takijiri-Oji – Takahara 3.5 hours 15,000 yen
2.Takahara – Chikatuyu Oji 6 hours 24,000 yen
3.Gyuba-doji – Tsugizakura-Oji 4-5 hours 15,000 yen
4.Hosshinmon-gate – Hongu-grand shrine 4-5 hours 17,500 yen
5.Kamikura-shrine – Hayatama grand shrine 2.5 hours 10,500 yen
6.Daimonzaka – Nachi waterfall 3 hours 16,500 yen
7.Yunomine – Oyunohara (Dainichi-goe) 2.5 hours 13,500 yen
8.Hosshinmon-oji – Yunomine (Akagi-goe) 3.5 hours 20,000 yen
9.Ukegawa – Koguchi (Kogumotori-goe) 6 hours 23,500 yen
10.Koguchi – Nachi grand shrine (Ogumotori-goe) 9 hours 35,000 yen

Nationally licensed guides

They are the guides with the official national license issued by the Japanese government.
They can guide in English anywhere in Japan. Their English fluency is quite high. If you would like to hire the nationally licensed guide, additional 3,000 yen is required.