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We will surely come again sooner or later

We will definitely contact you if we can return to Wakayama 

I would thoroughly recommend Waka san for your tour

I recently had the pleasure of having Waka san as a guide for the Kumano Kodo. She was very helpful and added richness t…

Honeymoon from Italy

About new year’s holiday

Our association is closed for New Year’s holidays from 29th of December 2017 to  4th of January 2018. Your request…

Guests from Hong Kong

Please be careful of ticks

Please be careful of ticks when you walk on Kumano Kodo. Japan is already in the season of severe fever with thrombocyto…

Summer Holidays

Our association will be closed for summer holidays from Friday the 11th of August 2017 to Tuesday the 15th of August 201…

Guests from the US

Guests from the US