Path of Prayer Kumano Kodo Walk

Thank you for your patience!  The “Path of Prayer” Walk is back!

Kumano Hayatama Grand Shrine

We will be, once again, offering a prayer walk on the Kumano Kodo invoking a speedy recovery of Eastern Japan from the Great Earthquake and Tsunami suffered earlier this year, and for all of Japan.

We also pray and support the ongoing reconstruction of earthquake-stricken Turkey and flooded Thailand who both were severely damaged.

As you may know, Typhoon No. 12 (Talas) struck a few prefectures in Japan, including Wakayama, hard in early September, causing major flooding, washed-out roads, bridges and rail lines, landslides and considerable loss of life and property.

Because of this damage, MiKumano unfortunately had to cancel tours in September and October as infrastructure and repair efforts proceeded.

But, once again, the doors of Kumano are open to us, and so now we can work toward helping the Kumano Kodo, as well with your help and patronage.

On the day of the tour, we’ll walk from Asuka Shrine to Hayatama Grand and Kamikura shrines in Shingu, and assist in the cleanup efforts at nearby Kumano River while wishing for a speedy recovery for the devastated areas in Wakayama.

We are looking forward to your attendance and participation in this spiritual and local outreach event.


  • Course: From Asuka Shrine to Kamikura Shrine.
  • Date: November 20th(Sun)
  • Time/ Place to meet : 10:00am Asuka Shrine
  • Participants : High- school age or older.
  • Cost : 1,000 yen (includes insurance) per person.
  • Contact:  (0739-33-7451)
  • Bring a lunch, walking shoes, rain gear and work gloves

Please bring tongs (for the cleanup effort) if you have them.

※We are sorry to inform you that our tour schedule has been effected by the typhoon damage. There are still many, heavily damaged places where hikers are not allowed to go since the typhoon.  This might further affrect more schedules in the future as rebuilding projects progress.

 Previous Photos of the Path of Prayer Walk