We will definitely contact you if we can return to Wakayama 

Thank you so much for all of your efforts to make our tour of the Grand Taishas so enjoyable and interesting.  We will remember the tour that Mr Nishihata gave us for rest of our lives!  He must have been exhausted from all of our questions, but remained so energetic, and accommodating.  We really appreciated his warm personality, and we learned so much about the Kumano area.
Your suggestion of paper making was probably the highlight of a memorable day!
Wakayama has a lot to offer visitors, but is a little hard to get to.  But is well worth the effort!  It was refreshing to get outside the major cities, and see the countryside.  We enjoyed the fish market at Kii Katsuura and the restaurants had wonderful fresh maguro which was good as you suggested.
Our whole trip to Wakayama was very memorable, and we will definitely contact you if we can return to Wakayama.