Trial Guided Walk by Trainee Guide (Takijiri Oji to Takahara)


View from Takahara

  • Date:07th of September 2014.  (No postponement for a light rain)
  • Time and place:Meet at 09:00 am at Takijiri Kodokan  (滝尻古道館)End at 13:30 at Kurisugawa bus terminal
  • Language:English  (Please note this is a guiding walk by our trainee guides.)
  • Quota:10 people
  • Tour fee:Free (No travel expenses between your house and Takijiri is included.You need 250 yen/person of bus fee if you return to Takijiri after walking.)
  • Note:This rout is a steep climbing through a forest to Takahara village and you have another downhill slope from Takahara to Kurisugawa bus stop on route 311. A comfortable pair of walking shoes and wear are necessary.
  • Bring your own:Lunch (ex. Onigiri rice ball or somthing like hard to be rotten), More than 2 bottles of water (ex. one water and one sports drink), Rain gear (umbrella is not recommendable.), Cap or hat, Towel, Leisure mat, Heatstroke prevention goods(ex. uchiwa portable fan). It is better to hold sticks for your safety.
<Course Map> Map courtesy of Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau


Apply to  with name, phone number, address, transportation to Takijiri, and how many people will participate. Then we’ll send you detailed information.