4 Men from Australia

Hello Kyoko
I have returned home and I have lovely memories of our day with you on the trail.
I attached a photograph of our group at the gate with the lovely bamboo in the background.                  Chris Japan June 2013 381
Tony may also send a copy of his photograph when he returns home next week.
There is also a photograph of Mt Sonder that I took on a 300km trail in central Australia near Alice Springs (2008). This trail is known as the Larapinta Trail.
Larapinta September 2008 103
You might remember that I mentioned the belief (known as the Dreamtime) of the local aboriginal people that this prominent mountain was their spiritual mother. Her head is on the right side, followed by her breast, pregnant womb and legs.
Thankyou again for showing us this beautiful part of Japan and I will enjoy showing others the photographs and stories of the trail.
I should also mention that when we left you and walked towards the large gates of the island we saw a small snake on the walkway. You said that you were good luck for not seeing snakes on the trail – this must be true as it was only five minutes after we left you!
All the very best