Walk in Shinguu with Mr. Joaquin

As we were eating lunch after we arrived in Shinguu, we went thorough our plan for the day. I found out that Mr. Joaquin had not had a reservation for an accommodation, so I called a hotel “Wakatake” in Katsuura and booked a room for the night.  I was not really sure if a volunteer guide like me should have done this for the guest, but it was definitely not comfortable for me to give him a guide knowing that he did not have a place to stay in the night, so I did and Mr. Joaquin seemed relieved too.

Since he was taking a lot of pictures with his Cannon that he bought in Kyoto, I made my explanations on things briefly and let him go on his pace.

In Kamikura-san shrine, I played my Shakuhachi, Japanese vertical bamboo flute, and won applause from him 🙂

I felt like Mr. Joaquin was having a happy-go-lucky solitary journey. I wonder if he was really rich, or it was his easy going personality. Maybe this was a national character of Spain? Anyways I  saw another cultural difference here again.

Volunteer Guide: Masashi Fukuda