Plum mountains in Minabe

Plum mountains in Minabe

Plum bloossoms

I went to the Minabe plum forest on February 19th. Only a small portion of the trees were blooming, but there was Japanese drumming and mochi-throwing, so we enjoyed the day.

Minabe is known as Japan’s number one plum town, and there are various events between the end of January and February 26th.

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It got a little warmer this week, so the buds on the trees swelled up a bit and seem to be waiting to bloom. Only a little longer until they’re all in full bloom…

There’s a saying in Minabe, “Hito-me hyaku-man, kaori juuri,” or “In one look, a hundred thousand trees, and the fragrance carries for ten ri.” Ten ri is about four kilometers, and when the trees are in full bloom I think that’s true.

If you have time, come check out the rows of plum mountains in Minabe.