Three-day volunteer guides

Three-day volunteer guides on Kumano Kodo

Mr. Imam from American

On Valentine’s Day, an American, Imam, wandered into our office. He was interested in walking the Kumano Kodo, so we arranged a volunteer guide for him on the following day.  On the 15th, Tamaki-san showed him around Shingu.

When Tamaki-san asked Imam why he decided to visit Kumano, he answered, “The descriptions of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka in my guide were very long, but Kumano only had four lines. But it was just after Kyoto and Osaka, so I wondered what kind of place it was. I love walking, so I thought I’d visit.”

On the 16th, our guide Michihata-san walked with him up Daimonzaka to the Nachi waterfall and temple area.

Imam is interested in many things, so he had many questions about Kumano and Japan during the tour. Sometime in the future, he hopes to be able to do a longer trek from Koyasan to the Kohechi Route. We hope to see him again as a repeat customer!