The 17th Annual Kuchi Kumano Marathon

Kuchi Kumano Marathon

Kuchi Kumano Marathon

On Sunday, February 5th, the 17th annual Kuchi Kumano Marathon was held. With a record-breaking 6,000+ entrants, this year was a lively and fun event. The weather held and was perfect running conditions for a marathon.

Benkei, the Tanabe-born warrior monk of 900 years ago and Tanabe City’s mascot, was at the start line to cheer on the runners. There was also a yamabushi, or a mountain ascetic monk, in traditional costume. Of course Benkei died years ago, but if you go into the mountains of Kumano you can still find yamabushi practicing ascetic Buddhism.

Actress Macchi (Kondo Masahiko) ran in the marathon but did a good job at keeping a low profile.

We enjoyed cheering on the runners as they ran the course!