Kumano and Tanabe Festival Slideshow

Kumano and Tanabe Festival SlideshowMiss. Todo

On January 12th, a slideshow was held at the 100-year-old studio and apartment of Hiromoto Naoko, a Japanese artist, for exchange students at Wakayama University.

The slideshow was presented in two parts.  The first part showed the Kumano Kodo throughout four seasons, detailing the damage done by Typhoon #12 (Talas), and was accompanied by Mi-Kumano’s Vice Director Motoko Todo on cello, her instrument of choice.

In the second part, Hiromoto Naoko narrated a series of photographs of the Tanabe Festival which were taken by Hirano Koji.

The American and Australian students from Wakayama Junior University and their professors enjoyed the presentations and the music.

Foreign students from Wakayama university