Why don’t you walk with us while receiving a cheerful breeze of early spring?

Why don’t you walk with us while receiving a cheerful breeze of early spring from Hosshinmon Oji to Hongu Taisha?

It is a popular walking course in Kumano Kodo.


In this course we will conduct a test for the newcomers who will become Mi-Kumano English guides.


Walk while listening to a candidate guide.  (Walking participants are not candidates.)




  • To those who have a Japanese friend.
  • To those who are studying Japanese.
  • To those persons who are studying to become a guide.


Since it is one of the easiest courses in Kumano Ancient road, it is possible to participate even to those who have not walked yet or have no confidence in physical strength.



  • Saturday, March 2
  • Sunday, March 10
  • Sunday, March 17
  • Sunday, March 24


Gathering time and place

9:30am Hongu Taisha Torii gate



9:50   The test for a candidate guide starts at Hongu Taisha Torii gate

10:10  Take a bus going to Hosshinmon

10:25  Arrive in Hosshinmon and start guiding

14:30  Hongu Grand Shrine

15:00  Finish in Hongu Taisha-mae bus stop


Participation Fee

  • 2,000 yen per person
  • Bus fare of 460yen to Hosshinmon Oji is required separately
  • Lunch costs are not included. Please prepare your own lunch. We will have it along the way.



Three days before each date or when the capacity (20 persons for each schedule) is reached


Participation eligibility

Those who can walk through the course (about 7kms) in 4 hours

Students who are in the fifth grade or above (elementary school children must be accompanied by a guardian)


Sign Up・Contact Us

Please submit the necessary information in the application form below.

We will send you the details by mail as soon as we accept your application.

If you are receiving email at your mobile address , please set it up to be able to receive welcome@mi-kumano.com

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