Yoshiho Wada (Yoshi)


Hi, my name is Yoshiho Wada, just call me Yoshi (I am not a character of Mario brothers).

I was born and grew up in Shirahama town, which is very famous for Onsen.

Everyone has a different purpose to visit Kumano.

Nature, history, religions and foods…..

I can assure you that you can see them more deeply and you will find that Kumano is a very special place if you come here.

I learned how to visit and pray at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples through one of martial arts called Ogasawara Kyuba-jutsu, which has over 800 years history.


So I can tell you how to visit and pray properly and precisely if you want to.

I have been practicing Karate and and Ryukyu-kobujutsu for many years.

Also, I can answer your questions not only about Kumano region but also entire Japan using strength of the National guide license.

If you are interested in Shirahama, I am happy to guide you as well as Kumano.

↓Shirarahama beach↓