Hatsumi Sato

I’m Hatsumi, I live in Shirahama where you can see beautiful sea and marvelous sunset and have healing hot springs.

I love Kumano nature.

Kumano is a place for revitalization.  It is said that the deities of Kumano are understanding and broadminded.

I had thought that deities were very far from human beings, but after I met Kumano,  I feel they are very close and familiar to us now.

Would you like to feel the reason why  so many people have been visiting Kumano since the era of the Japanese first emperor more than 2000 years ago by walking in Kumano nature on your own feet?

I would be very happy if I can help you to have the wonderful memory of a lifetime for you in Kumano.

I’m waiting for you in Kumano.


Koya-Kumano tour guide-interpreter

Professional kimono-dresser

Mental therapist and Theta healing instructor