Chikayo Takahashi

Why book Chika’s tour to Kumano?

Recently many tourists from abroad have come to Kumano.

I met them on the Kumano pilgrimage routes, and then I realized that they missed Kumano’s attractive spots and historical interests.

Kumano is mountainous area. It is difficult to find many interesting spots. If you walk with guide, you can easy to find them. Don’t miss.!!!

I live in Kumano, I know cafeterias, local foods, local people.

Let’s enjoy talking with local people with me. You can catch a glimpse of true spirits of Kumano. I am passionate about Japanese culture including religion.

Modern Japanese culture …animation such as Totoro neighborhood, Princess Mononoke. It is deeply relation to Kumano. Shall we go to Kumano ?


I was born and raised in Kagoshima prefecture. There are beautiful sea and sky like Kumano. When I was a high school student, I made a first American friend. I enjoyed many experiences with her. And later I was interested in many different cultures. I became a Kumano Japanese guide in 2006. Recently, many tourists from abroad have come to Kumano. Thanks to them I studied English. I became a certified Koya Kumano English guide interpreter in 2016.

Specialties and Hobbies

  • Traditional Japanese flower arrangements IKEBANA
  • Singing Japanese poem WAKA HAIKU
  • Visiting shrines and Animation places such as Princess Mononoke
  • Fishing, Badminton, Tennis, Yoga,  Hand ball, Walking
  • Master of SEKAIISAN in Wakayama Kumano guide for children
  • Koya Kumano Licensed guide interpreter