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Kumano Kodo Guides

National Licensed Guides and Local Licensed Guides are available to guide on the Kumano Kodo.

Yoshiho Wada (Yoshi)

  Hi, my name is Yoshiho Wada, just call me Yoshi (I am not a character of Mario brothers). I was born and grew up ...

Eiji Nishihata

Eiji Nishihata is going to be 70 this August, but young, energetic and enthusiastic enough to be a guide.

Misa Izuishi

When guiding, safe passage and helping clients have a pleasant time are my first priority.

Waka Tsuyama

I would be glad if I can help you plan a good trip. Let's enjoy the walk in Kumano Kodo together.

Ryoji Shibahara

I would like you to experience the universe in Kumano.   You have a lot of ways to enjoy your trips. Sightseeing, m...

Kyoko Fukutsuji

Kyoko Fukutsuji would like to guide you through this beautiful historical area.

Mayumi Koyama

Healing, revitalization or just meeting family or friends….. With the sunshine filtering through the foliage of Ku...

Jennifer Fujino

Jennifer lives in Shirahama and she would like to share the wonderful experience in Kumano Kodo.

Kazumi Yamamoto

Kazumi Yamamoto loves to walk and climb mountains.

Keigo Yasui

My name is Keigo. Pilgrimage to Kumano is like the travel from the everyday world to the heaven. You may walk and feel l...

Akira Nakagishi

Hello.  My name is Akira Nakagishi. I was born here, grew up here, and have lived here in this region. I’ll be hap...

Misako Hamaguchi

Please feel the unique, calm, ancient atmosphere and enjoy your private pilgrimage in Kumano!

Hatsumi Sato

I’m Hatsumi, I live in Shirahama where you can see beautiful sea and marvelous sunset and have healing hot springs...

Masahiro Koma

Please come over here to talk together with us. Area: Nakahechi-route, Kiiji-route (from Hoshiya to Gobo station)

Hitomi Tamaki

Hitomi Tamaki wants to help your wonderful journey.