Guide Recruitment (English, Spanish, French, Chinese)

Do you like to interact with people? Are you interested in the history and culture of Kumano or do you like Japan more than anything? If you are interested to spread the information about the history, tradition and culture of Japan, why don’t you join us?

If you are aiming to become a Koya. Kumano local licensed guide or have already acquired a license but feel confused and don’t have the confidence to go on the actual on spot site, you can participate as a trainee during our actual guiding tours and improve your skills.

Contact us and we will set arrangements to determine the schedule for interview and onsite walking.

After considering your performance, we will decide to contact you. Please be informed that in some cases we may refuse admissions.


Mi.Kumano works as a group and humanity matters.

Uncooperative behavior will raise disturbance and interrupt the teamwork.

Humanity is more important than skills.


We will decide the membership only to applicants meeting the strict criteria and implying to the above conditions.