About us

Mi-Kumano would like to welcome the world to the ancient land of Kumano.

Since its foundation in 2006 as an organization, Mi-Kumano has endeavored to introduce both Japanese and non-Japanese visitors alike to the grand and open spirit of the World Heritage Ancient Pilgrimage Roads of Kumano in Wakayama prefecture, shared by travelers for over a thousand years. Through a variety of cultural programs, public symposiums, community-pride and guiding development projects, as well as direct guided tours of the Kumano Kodo, Mi-Kumano strives to be the premier cultural outreach for the area. As, more and more, the eyes of the world fall with interest on the beauty and spiritual nature of what is known as the San Zan, or Three Grand Shrines of the Kumano Kodo, Mi-Kumano greets them willingly and guides them through the undulating mountains and poet-inspiring greenery of this treasured land. Let Mi-Kumano share this natural, cultural and historical Japanese treasure with you. Welcome, one and all.

Organization Brief

Official Name  Mi-Kumano
Location Tanabe City Tourism center 2F, 1-20 Minato, Tanabe, Wakayama 646-0031 Japan
Representative Yoshiho Wada

Our Guides

National Licensed Guides and Local Licensed Guides are available to guide you on the Kumano Kodo.

Guide Recruitment (English, Spanish, French, Chinese)

If you are interested to spread the information of Japan, why don’t you join us?

Cancellation Policy

If you do have to cancel your reservation, for whatever reason, please let Mi-Kumano as soon as possible.

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