Ogumotorigoe, the most memorable challenge of the Kodo

Ogumo-tori-goe (Nachi Taisha to Koguchi)

This course is said to be the hardest of the Nakahechi routes.

It connects the Nachi Taisha to Koguchi, a small village.

Along this route, you can overlook the Kumano Sea from Funami pass when it is clear, and find a round mossy rock where the gods are said to have sat and had a friendly chat.

They will definitely lend a sense of accomplishment to the hard journey!

Length: 15.7 km

Difficulty: Difficult

Meeting Place and Time

<Nachi to Koguchi>

  • Meeting Place: Nachisan bus stop (about 20 minutes from Nachi station by bus)
  • Meeting Time:  8:00
  • Ending Place: Koguchi
  • Ending Time:  15:00~16:00

<Koguchi to Nachi>

  • Meeting Place: Koguchi bus stop (about 70 minutes from Hongu by bus, about 45 minutes from Shingu by bus)
  • Meeting Time: 8:10
  • Ending Place: Nachi no Takimae bus stop
  • Ending Time: 16:00~17:00
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