Shirahama 2-hour Taxi Tour

Shirarahama beach, Sandan-beki, Senjojiki and Engetsu island

Shirahama town, in the vicinity of Kii-tanabe, is one one of the famous towns in Japan known for Onsen, which has over 1,000 years history and many scenic tourist spots.

In this tour you can visit tourist spots like Shirarahama Beach, Sandan-beki, Senjojiki and Engetsu Island. Shirahama onsen (Hot springs) is also a good choice if you want to relax.
Blue ocean, breathtaking atmosphere , bright sunshine and beautiful sunset will refresh your body and mind.

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Tour price (2 hours, in yen)

Regular taxi (up to 3 people)

  • 16,500

Jumbo taxi (up to 8 people)

  • 18,500

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1) I join the tour entirely at my own risk, accepting responsibility for my current physical condition and any ailments I might have, and will not hold Mi-Kumano or its guide responsible for any injury that may occur in relation to the hike.

2) If at some point along the route I decide I must retire from the walk, I understand Mi-Kumano can arrange a taxi for me and that I will assume the cost of the taxi.

3) I will bring appropriate shoes and clothing suitable for a mountain walk, including rainwear and walking stick if necessary.

4) I will not drink alcohol prior to or during the walk along the Kumano pilgrimage road.

5) I will not smoke along the Kumano pilgrimage road. If I have to smoke, I will do so at indicated rest areas or other places where smoking is permitted, taking the utmost care to not cause a fire

Please check the boxes below to accept the terms of our tour.