Dainichigoe, Ki-no-kuni (Tree Country) lives up to its name with this forest walk

Dai-nichi-goe (Oyu-no-hara to Yunomine Onsen)

This road’s use is said to have been limited to Shinto priests and mountain ascetics for religious fstivals. After the Yu-nobori-shinji festival at Kumano Hongu Taisha, fathers carry their young sons on their shoulders over this pass to Oyu-no-hara for a tiring but rewarding event. It’s a popular and lively festival.

In the middle of the dense forest are the Tsukimi-ga-oka Shrine and Hana-kake Jizo Guardian Deity.

Yunomine Oji

Yunomine Oji





Tsukimigaoka Shrine

Tsukimigaoka Shrine






Length: 3.5 km

Difficulty: Moderate / Difficult

Tour price(In yen):

  • Locally licensed guide: 13,500
  • Nationally licensed guide: 17,000

Meeting Place and Time

Choose a time from below.

  • Meeting Place: Hongu Taisha – mae bus stop (about 2 hours from Tanabe by bus, about 80 minutes from Shingu by bus)
  • Meeting Time:  ①8:35 ②9:35 ③13:40
  • Ending Place: Yunomine


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