Takijiri to Takahara, Entrance of the Kodo to magical mountain village

Experience the deeply spiritual and sacred mountains


We’ll start at Kumano Kodo Kan Museum where you can learn more Kumano history, and visit Takijiri-oji, the traditional entrance to Kumano. Climbing up the steep slope from Takijiri-oji, you can find the lovely hamlet of Takahara located over 300 meters above sea level. The Takahara Kumano Shrine is the oldest shrine on the Kumano Kodo now, and is well worth a visit—it is painted in traditional vermillion and surrounded by ancient camphor trees, sending you back in time.

Takahara used to be a very popular rest stop for pilgrims, and a comfortable rest area has been built here now. Enjoy a sweeping view over villages in the foothills and the mountain range of Kumano from there. It might also be fun to have lunch while admiring the scene of hanging clouds over the rolling range of mountains.

Length: 3.7 km

Difficulty: Strenuous

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Meeting Time and Place

Tour Times: ①8:40 ②13:30

Meeting Place: Takijiri Bus stop

End of Tour: Takahara Rest Station or accommodation in Takahara.

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