Chikatsuyu to Tsugizakura Oji, Chikatsuyu village historical spots and giant trees


From the roadside rest area we’ll take an easy walk in the woods to Gyuba-doji, the statue that’s the symbol of this area that shows deposed emperor Kazan-in. Continuing, we’ll drop into the quiet hamlet of Chikatsuyu and take a stroll through town. We can stop at the Nakahechi Art Museum if you like. Leaving town into the mountains we’ll pass the Nonagase cemetery, which has some monuments from 500 years ago, and reach the mountainside neighborhood of Nonaka, where you can see ancient cedars around ojis, quench your thirst at a pure mountain spring, and maybe see a family of monkeys running around!

Length: 6.7 km

Difficulty: Easy

Ippou Sugi (Japanese Cedar Trees)

Also you will be able to touch huge Japanese cedar trees, whose branches all point south.

There are living treasures saved by reknowned naturalist, Kumagusu Minakata.

On this tour you will be truly able to fill your senses.

Meeting Place

  • Michi-no-Eki Kumano Kodo Nakahechi
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