Kogumotorigoe, amazing mountain overlook

Kogumo-tori-goe (Koguchi to/from Ukegawa)

This is the path that connects the small village of Koguchi to the Hongu Taisha.Compared to the Ogumo-tori-course, its difficulty is moderate.

There are many highlights along this course, but the most popular is the amazing view from Hyakken-gura. It overlooks rows of dense Kumano mountains, and the scenery will change depending on the weather― open sky, beautiful clouds, or fog all enhance the view. Deep breaths of the mountain air here will refresh your mind and body!

Length: 13 km

Difficulty: difficult

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Meeting Place and Time

Choose a time from below.

<Koguchi to Ukegawa>

  • Meeting Place: Kowaze bus stop
  • Meeting Time:  ①8:00 ②9:00
  • Ending Place: Ukegawa bus stop
  • Ending Time: ①13:00 ②14:00

<Ukegawa to Koguchi>

  • Meeting Place: Ukegawa bus stop
  • Meeting Time: ①8:30 ②9:00
  • Ending Place: Koguchi
  • Ending Time: ①14:30 ②15:00
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