Hayatama Grand Shrine and Kamikura Shrine in Shingu

Tour of the Hayatama Grand Shrine, of the ‘Kumano Sanzan’ three Grand Shrines

Ascend the 538 steps of the steep stone path that leads to Kamikura Shrine, one of Kumano’s well known ‘power spots’. Experience the power of this sacred place of worship and stand under the Gotobiki Rock, where legend says the gods of Kumano descended. This is where the Oto Matsuri, or Fire Festival, is held every year in February. After enjoying a spectacular view of Shingu City and the Pacific Ocean we will make our way along the foot of the mountain to the bright red Kumano Hayatama Shrine passing many local temples on the way. There we will view an ancient Nagi tree which is estimated to be about 1000 years old and is worshipped to ensure the safety of one’s family at home and while traveling. The leaves are very tough and hard to tear off and thereby have come to symbolize the lasting bonds of marriage. Please join us on this tour full of ‘power spots’. You may also check out some local shops along the way.

Length: 2.4 km

Difficulty: Easy

Please note that the stone steps to Kamikura-jinja are very steep (although short), the other sections are flat walking.For those that do not wish to climb the stairs to Kamikura-jinja, a visit to the ruins of the Shingu castle is included.

Meeting Place and time:

  • Ending point of Kawabune boat ride 11:30
  • Gongen-mae bus stop 9:50
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