One-day Hikes

There are many courses you can walk in just a day.

You can enjoy with a guide just one day or combine several courses for a multiple-day hike from below.

Your day guide will make the most of your short visit!

Takijiri to Takahara, Entrance of the Kodo to magical mountain village

Start the Kumano Ancient Road from the traditional entrance, see two beautiful shrines, and eat lunch overlooking rows o...

Takahara to Chikatsuyu Oji, Mountain shrine to valley floor historical spots

From an ancient shrine in a grove of huge camphor trees, hike through the mountains along the Kumano Kodo.

Chikatsuyu to Tsugizakura Oji, Chikatsuyu village historical spots and giant trees

There's something around every corner on this route! Join us to learn about historical statues, atmospheric mountain vil...

Hosshinmon-oji to Hongu Grand Shrine

Descend from the mountains to Kumano Hongu Grand Shrine and catch amazing views of the valley below!

Hayatama Grand Shrine and Kamikura Shrine in Shingu

Explore one of the three grand shrines, see where the gods first descended to Kumano, and browse among old craftsman sho...

Akagigoe, scenic mountain ridge walk

Akagi-goe (Hosshinmon Oji to Yunomine) This path connects Hosshinmon Oji and Yunomine Onsen. With the exception of one s...

Dainichigoe, Ki-no-kuni (Tree Country) lives up to its name with this forest walk

Dai-nichi-goe (Oyu-no-hara to Yunomine Onsen) This road’s use is said to have been limited to Shinto priests and m...

Ogumotorigoe, the most memorable challenge of the Kodo

Ogumo-tori-goe (Nachi Taisha to Koguchi) This course is said to be the hardest of the Nakahechi routes. It connects the ...

Kogumotorigoe, amazing mountain overlook

Kogumo-tori-goe (Koguchi to Ukegawa) This is the path that connects the small village of Koguchi to the Hongu Taisha.Com...

Daimonzaka to Nachi Falls

Start at the highest waterfall in Japan and hike up to a grand shrine and temple side by side for amazing views of the f...

Nagaizaka (Ohechi Route)

Nagaizaka is one of the most beautiful scenic courses in Ohechi route and the well-left ancient trail.

Walking up Nachi Station to Nachi Falls

Take a long walk up through the valley to the highest waterfall in Japan. Along the way you'll trace the mystical route ...

Taxi Plan

A professional guide will accompany you in a rented taxi for either a half-day or full-day tour.